Episode 20 | Joey Balloons | Limitless Pleasure

Our guest this week is Joey Balloons, and we get into all kinds of shit!  Critics, English chicks with accents should call Daniel (206-250-6678), Facebook names, Geoff’s other podcast, common fucking decency(!), the Brexit, British culture, Nazis on the moon, ID4:2, celebrity news, what sex should be like, another thing Daniel hates, gay code, Daniel’s trip to Idaho, guns, LISTENER CONTEST (call us - 425-312-2231), BOOK US, beards, Target, and Chick-fil-A!!

Big Buck Bunny
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Dan Shooting guns

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Episode 19 | Mars Hill in the Sky

Our guest this week is Josh Liverman.  We start off the show in a heated theological debate, followed by the usual sea of nothingness: father’s day, fat fashion, vaping, Daniel’s roommate, Geoff’s special days, the origins of the show, black James Bond, Don Rickles, 12 Inches of Snow, Matt’s social life, online dating, Trump’s new wall, chicks (am I right?1), five minutes of dick jokes, cosmic gyms, Geoff’s new science, Daniel’s kinks, Grindr, Matt’s book (buy it!).  Call the show and leave us a message!


Episode 17 | Vance Venezuala

Heavy breathing, flip flops, Val Kilmer, a word from our sponsor, The Lumineers, Daniel hates A LOT of stuff, Geoff’s bus adventure, Daniel’s identical story, ass pennies, buying jokes, fake liquor, Facebook ads, Geoff’s giant dick, awesome underpants, shark tank, anchor babies, Geoff’s sensitive daughter, the real world, heavy breathing again, and frontier justice for this piece of shit!