Episode 40 | Seth Lazear | Former Ass Man

The sleep apnea comic, Matt’s original film idea, Geoff’s pajamas, our guest, vaping, slight technical difficulties, Moonlight, the lost episode, drinking above the freeway, guns a nuvarings, biopics, Cool Runnings, TV, Friends, flu shots, secrets, craigslist, Sharx, gay nazis, Thanksgiving, belly buttons, and libtards!


Episode 39 | Pizza Pot Pies

Episode 39 | Some Thoughts on the Election

Facebook friends, Geoff’s stroke, Popular Xyience, depression cake, Geoff’s opinions, Daniel’s opinions, more of Geoff’s opinions, and Matt’s opinions.


Episode 38 | Ed Galvez | Master of the Tip Slip

This week we have Ed Galvez on the show!  We talk about dead moms, baths, Matt's fat directions, Matt's fat math, Mexican actors, the sugars, Geoff’s career, Daniel’s tumor, Geoff’s bike, how we would kill Geoff, seasonal lattes, charming baristas, Shake Shack, Star Wars, Paris Hilton, sex robots, gay bod survey, Shania Twank, tacos, and politics!!