Episode 40 | Seth Lazear | Former Ass Man

The sleep apnea comic, Matt’s original film idea, Geoff’s pajamas, our guest, vaping, slight technical difficulties, Moonlight, the lost episode, drinking above the freeway, guns a nuvarings, biopics, Cool Runnings, TV, Friends, flu shots, secrets, craigslist, Sharx, gay nazis, Thanksgiving, belly buttons, and libtards!


Episode 36 | Dead Hobo Crabs

Premature ejaculation, Geoff’s politicast, What Would You Do, the 4th wall, Israel, Crooked Hilary, talent, foreskin, lizard people, twitter, Geoff’s Idea Corner, health food, Walking Dead, Lost, Anica, BSG, online banking, Nintendo, Craigslist, and Dan’s new website!