Episode 43 | Bang-cation

Matt’s needs, Crocs, coconut water, new years, retarded kids, poop and blood, Ricky Gervais, the government, catheters, Geoff’s Idea Corner, Hitler, racist aliens, night hungers, non-resolutions, Hollywood, escorts, fucked up fantasies, suicide, and God’s degree!


Episode 36 | Dead Hobo Crabs

Premature ejaculation, Geoff’s politicast, What Would You Do, the 4th wall, Israel, Crooked Hilary, talent, foreskin, lizard people, twitter, Geoff’s Idea Corner, health food, Walking Dead, Lost, Anica, BSG, online banking, Nintendo, Craigslist, and Dan’s new website!


Episode 34 | Under-Under Armor

Penis sweaters, Geoff’s spaghetti, Matt’s boring ass weekend, serial killers, bee parts, politics (ugh), Geoff’s Idea Corner, West World, Geoff Brousseau: America’s #1 News Source, 2016, politics again (ugh!), shooting stuff in barrels, food stamps, Soylent, the Santa Fund, the truth behind MRI’s, hell, dry humping therapist, arugula, Strawberry Island, Seth Lazear, our curated content, and Hindu weddings!


Episode 33 | Twinkie Math

Twinks, Daniel’s new soundboard, the minimum wage argument, hiking, Matt’s new exoskeleton, Geoff’s Idea Corner, Daniel’s Conspiracy Corner, face banging, movies, Wu Tang, what Daniel hates, adoption, Geoff needs help, how love works, true happiness, and a brief word from Tom Shane.


Episode 30 | The Hitler of Horse Fucking

Columbo, Sega Dreamcast, Matt’s voice, Matt’s new joke, Matt’s credits, highschool mascots, personal banking, straight sex, Geoff’s Idea Corner, what you see before you die, the greatest movies ever made, crazy internet pastors, hot wings, ranch, cults, rebooting jokes, and the new iPhone.