Episode 43 | Bang-cation

Matt’s needs, Crocs, coconut water, new years, retarded kids, poop and blood, Ricky Gervais, the government, catheters, Geoff’s Idea Corner, Hitler, racist aliens, night hungers, non-resolutions, Hollywood, escorts, fucked up fantasies, suicide, and God’s degree!


Episode 21 | The Definitive, Scientific Proof of God

Matt’s dinner, the American war machine, shitty comic book characters, Geoff’s mom’s Hitler theories, Daniel’s 9-11 theories, Matt’s ozone theories, classic films, dating (?), getting cancelled, the dark web, murder for hire, Halle Berry, babies, credit, SOMEONE CALLED (425-312-2231), accents, cheeseburgers, ORDER MATT’S FUCKING BOOK, presidents are dumb, In the House, the most boring fucking thing on earth, a hearty theological debate, Geoff is old, Daniel is old, Life on the Road, the other guy from the Fugees, the most glamorous industry on earth, and wwqd!