Episode 60 | Rise and Monetize!

Gank Bros, Def Geoff, LA Pizza, 365 by Whole Foods, juice, tumors and spleens, 9/11, Andy’s dick again, church camp, weight loss, gay birds, mayonnaise, internet bullying, Hitler’s janitors, Deep Impact, space movies, Geoff’s grandma, idea corner, Matt’s blood, fear, drugs, hospitals, dog people, and birthdays!

Episode 42 | Things I Wish I Didn’t Know About Dad

Listener feedback, quitting comedy, hospitals, Nasty Things, retirement, the resistance, surgery, new years, The Matrix, mayors, hot dogs, feelings, sheets day, Hitler’s dick, Scarface, Uber Eats, butt stuff, VR, sexbots, mail order brides, advertising, Red Robin, people doing nice things, and YouTube.