Episode 44 | The Disembowelment Boys

Spoiler alert, Lenny Beckerman, tumors, Decapitation Unit, Flying Guillotine, vape life, The Shyamalan Twist, sociopathy, Australia, St. Patrick, pope magic, gamerz, Amazon pilots, drugs, The Menendez Brothers, Frontier Justice, garden gnomes, Tom Shane, Ricky Gervais, Stockholm Syndrome, fondue, Matt’s ankles, doctors, and bionic penises.

Episode 43 | Bang-cation

Matt’s needs, Crocs, coconut water, new years, retarded kids, poop and blood, Ricky Gervais, the government, catheters, Geoff’s Idea Corner, Hitler, racist aliens, night hungers, non-resolutions, Hollywood, escorts, fucked up fantasies, suicide, and God’s degree!