Episode Nine: Nick Turner FUCKS!

This week’s topics: stuff that’s Made in China, Nick Turner FUCKS, Geoff does a bit, Panama Papers, Pot Comics, Nick murders people, our other podcast, the perfect orgy ratio, Matt’s amazing prank ideas, DaF Mask, Dan’s new girlfriend, Geoff does another bit, the best lesbian advice, and Matt FINALLY makes his mind up about OJ Simpson.


Episode Five: Mitch Burrow: Manhood

Our super late guest this week is the extremely funny Mitch Burrow. Due to his tardiness, this episode is broken into two parts, Mitch and pre-Mitch.

Somehow we manage to cram a full show’s worth of crap before Mitch gets here. We discuss Matt sleeping in the bath, fake Yeezy Boosts, how Geoff spells his name wrong, shitty Facebook friends, Matt’s plan for to save America, more about baths, and what Geoff’s mom is into.  All of that in 19 minutes!  This show is out of hand. 

NOW FOR MITCH!  I’m too lazy after that first part to write up the rest… but we have a really awesome conversation with Mitch.  A few highlights are Mitch’s Christmas Card, the Five Tenets of Being a Man, and a surprisingly deep discussion about addiction.  We had a super fun time!


Episode Four: Andy Haynes: The Other F-word

Super excited to have our first ever guest this week! Welcome to the show comedian and writer, Andy Haynes. In our most offensive episode so far, Matt serves up a fresh batch of Frontier Justice, then we find out who’s Eskimo Bros with whom, why we don’t want this asshole to be president, and why Damn Daniel is better than this video that Andy made about that asshole we don’t want to be president.  Plus lots, lots more!


Episode Two: Valentine’s Day

Our second episode goes immediately into one of our favorite topics.  From there we find out that Geoff has been wrong about the band Disturbed for all these years, Daniel learns a valuable lesson about gender roles from Siri, Matt explains the Island of Lesbos, Geoff tries his best to do Jeff Goldblum's laugh from Jurassic Park, and we all remember the movie PCU.  OH!  And it’s Valentine's Day!!  Celebrate!