Episode 53 | SWOT your D

Venus and Serena Williams, Zelda, film, eating Soylent, Dan’s dic, public access, truth serum, addiction, chips, pole sitting, sad stories with Geoff, documentaries, the space race, pole sitting, the machine story, sex grooming, sexual awakenings, pole sitting, Thor, nerd rage, pole sitting, the lost episode, and punk!!!  

Episode 40 | Seth Lazear | Former Ass Man

The sleep apnea comic, Matt’s original film idea, Geoff’s pajamas, our guest, vaping, slight technical difficulties, Moonlight, the lost episode, drinking above the freeway, guns a nuvarings, biopics, Cool Runnings, TV, Friends, flu shots, secrets, craigslist, Sharx, gay nazis, Thanksgiving, belly buttons, and libtards!


Episode 26 | Long Term Fun

We’re back!  After two long weeks!!  Here’s the story: prescription drugs, the lost episode, the Olympics, the Stellar Desert, Daniel’s new character, Geoff’s court hearing, sweating, spicy food, the perfect diet, the perfect workout, the gays, new genitals, Geoff’s weight loss, sleep, kind women, Bill Cosby, Matt’s racism, video games, dog years, Nazis, Daniel’s other new character, performance art, Kevin Hart, Geoff’s old CD, Geoff’s going def, Daniel’s upcoming shows, and more about Nazis!!