Episode 42 | Things I Wish I Didn’t Know About Dad

Listener feedback, quitting comedy, hospitals, Nasty Things, retirement, the resistance, surgery, new years, The Matrix, mayors, hot dogs, feelings, sheets day, Hitler’s dick, Scarface, Uber Eats, butt stuff, VR, sexbots, mail order brides, advertising, Red Robin, people doing nice things, and YouTube.



Episode 28 | Too Many Guys

Slow cooker recipes, lord of the rings, classic beauty, our true identities/going underground, mud bloods, upcoming merch, Uber Eats, pizza guilt, hawks, Carnie Wilson, Danny’s Daddy Juice, how to make decaf, Propagandhi, cows, racism, Trump Youth, Beverly Hills Cop, neck tattoos, nature, photosynthesis, Tom Shane, doubles, donuts, burgers, and onions.