Episode 51 | Pound It Out

Forgetting words, diversity, buttilingus, vaping, our audience, Home Depot, Geoff’s neighbor, cheeseburgers, fuck these guys, relief-sturbating, bear clubs, the great walrus, western justice, Jay Leno, if Geoff was pope, a grip of witches, church donuts, God’s house, Christian rock, the bible, going away party, groundbreaking crap, idea corner, shashing porn, and codependency!

Episode 40 | Seth Lazear | Former Ass Man

The sleep apnea comic, Matt’s original film idea, Geoff’s pajamas, our guest, vaping, slight technical difficulties, Moonlight, the lost episode, drinking above the freeway, guns a nuvarings, biopics, Cool Runnings, TV, Friends, flu shots, secrets, craigslist, Sharx, gay nazis, Thanksgiving, belly buttons, and libtards!